Norm’s Story

Norm Marshall and Norm Marshall & Associates


A pioneer in the field of Brand Integrations in entertainment content Norm Marshall launched Norm Marshall and Associates, Inc. (NMA) in 1979 as a product placement agency that represented corporate clients to the film and television production industry. As a result of NMA’s representation, the products and trademarks of early clients such as BMW,  USA TODAY, Miller Beer and Chevrolet were integrated into hundreds of films and TV programs. NMA’s early growth was closely linked to its role in initiating and negotiating a number of award winning brand marketing campaigns linked to major films; exemplified by two Reggie Award winning campaigns; BMW and the James Bond film “Goldeneye” and Miller Genuine Draft’s tie in with The Tom Hanks-Dan Ackryod film “Dragnet”. Along with Chevrolet’s being featured in the Tom Cruise film, “Days of Thunder”.


By the late 1990s, mirroring the growth and increasing sophistication of the entertainment marketing business itself, NMA had matured into a full service entertainment marketing agency. Widely recognized as a source of information and expertise, NMA’s influence stretched across many areas of entertainment, from films to television to video gaming to music and celebrity endorsements. Being an admitted “Tech Freak”, very early-on Norm steered NMA into the emerging field of digital entertainment while personally assisting clients in understanding and interfacing with the multitude of emerging new media options. The agency’s reputation grew and many new clients like Microsoft, General Motors and Hostess signed on. By 2011 NMA had offices in Los Angeles, New York, Boston, Sydney, Tokyo, London and Beijing providing entertainment marketing services to an expanding list of major global brands and entertainment industry clients.


A significant milestone in NMA’s history happened in 2000 with the emergence of Digital Video Recorders. (DVRs) DVRs immediately  began to threaten the viability of traditional TV commercials and also the business of integrating brands into TV programs. As a response, Norm began building “EMOS” a revolutionary new software system that was designed to connect filmmakers and content creators directly to major media buyers around the globe. EMOS has ultimately revolutionized the way entertainment linked brand opportunities are merged with traditional media buying in the advertising business. (see The Story of EMOS).


In January 2012 Norm sold Norm Marshall and Associates, Inc., and EMOS to Bill Gates’ Corbis. Gates has subsequently sold Corbis while retaining NMA and EMOS and rebranding them The Branded Entertainment Network (BEN).


A graduate of California State University Long Beach, Norm lives in Laguna Beach, CA with his wife Candace a retired High School teacher. He is a devout grandfather, sport fisherman and amateur race driver.