James Bond & BMW


James Bonds BMW


Bond opportunity identified in June of 1994.

BMW approved concept. June 94

Negotiations started immediately.

Met with Eon Productions company London.

Met with MGM Studio in LA.

First proposal presentation in London, June 1994.

Second meeting in Munich, July 1994.

Deal signed August 1994

BMW/Bond announced January in London

Movie scheduled for release November 1995.

Campaign began October 1995 in 18 territories around the world



Public relations.

Print advertising.

TV spots local/national.

Dealer support program — media kit, ad slicks, etc.

Private Preview Screenings for every dealer.

Premiere parties.

Consumer test drives.



Global recognition of Z3 as James Bond’s car.

First year’s Z3 production sold out before it reached dealerships.

20% increase in showroom traffic during initial stages of promotion.

Recognition as top promotion of 1995 by Promotion Marketing Association of America.

Established benchmark for automotive/movie tie-ins.