To my friends & colleagues, past, present & future,

My new endeavor, the Norm Marshall Agency has taken five years to be born. When I sold Norm Marshall & Associates Inc. to Bill Gates’s Corbis company, in 2012, I decided to retire. Having been in the entertainment marketing agency business for over 30 years, the idea of creating another full service agency was out of the question. Also, the thought of annually flying 125K miles around the world servicing clients and managing the activities of multiple international offices was just a little too daunting. Besides, I ‘ve been pre-occupied with fishing, racing cars, and enjoying the growth of my five grandchildren. However, (this is probably not a revelation to those who know me personally), I’m back! This time, I’m motivated to work for only a few select clients. I am resolved to only take on projects in which I’m interested and those in which I feel confident I can successfully contribute my efforts. I’m specifically interested in assisting filmmakers and content creators with the development of marketing alliances with major global brands. I believe that  in today’s multi-faceted entertainment environment,  it is incumbent for the filmmaker or content creator to determine his own destiny with regard to the marketing of his property. My new agency will be streamlined and dedicated to helping brands and entertainment property creators find mutual marketing advantages via cooperative associations in which each one helps the  other to achieve his/her objectives. 


Crafting entertainment marketing campaigns that link major films and high profile entertainment properties with well-known global brands is complicated to say the least. The complexity has to do with a number of individual initiatives that play into the process. Matching a brand’s marketing objectives with those of a filmmaker or content creator often involves dealing with multiple layers of management on the brand side  and, on the other side, frequently an intricate web of studios,  producers, financiers, talent, talent agents and complicated Intellectual property rights situations. My success over the years has been directly linked to how I have been able to deal with a myriad of such factors.  Most importantly, after you’ve been through the fire a few times, you learn who’s real and who is not, who can take you directly to the decision-maker and who can’t. What I have to offer today is the experience of having had direct involvement with many of the most memorable entertainment-linked, brand-marketing campaigns of all time along with the high-level connections necessary to successfully initiate and implement similar future  projects. 


My network of contacts and relationships with major brand marketers, advertising & media agencies etc. is extensive, reaching around the world. I have learned that the most direct route to success is to align with the best practitioners, those with proven track records. For example, anytime I’m involved in a product licensing situation, I go to Dan Romanelli. Dan was directly  responsible for the product licenses linked to Harry Potter, Batman, Looney Tunes and many other properties in his 25 years as President of Warner Bros Product Licensing Division. In gaining access to global brands, I typically look for a connection to the top; often it is via one of the major agency conglomerates. Accordingly, I enjoy Director Level access to Dentsu, Japan’s leading Ad agency, and have similar access with Interpublic Group and many of the top Ad agencies in Europe and Latin America.


As the new Norm Marshall Agency evolves, I intend to add services appropriate to client needs. In the meantime, I will be utilizing a network of creative services agencies and freelance resources. 


I am available to consult, take on interesting projects, and potentially to invest in selected opportunities of interest.


Please feel free to reach out to me personally.


Norm Marshall

January 10, 2017